If you are familiar with the Android SDK, you probably know that using it to create a new game from scratch is no mean feat. Choosing the right game engine, supporting multiple screen sizes and DPIs, implementing error-free gameplay, and managing player data are all demanding tasks that can take days, if not weeks, to complete.

Thankfully, there’s CodeCanyon, an online marketplace that, among other things, is teeming with well-thought-out game templates. By using one or more of those templates, you can skip most of the tedious aspects of game development and focus only on the bits that are unique to your game.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the most feature-rich and awesome Android game templates available on CodeCanyon.

FlappyBot screenshot

Flappy Bird and its clones are among the most addictive games available for smartphones today. With FlappyBot, a template developed by NeuronDigital, you can create your own clone of the game in a matter of minutes.

The template is written so that it is very easy to change gameplay variables such as the bird’s speed and the number of obstacles. With the 21 customizable sprites that are included in it, you can also modify the looks of your game to make sure that it looks unique.

Classic highway car avoidance game screenshot

Having been around for decades, endlessly scrolling car avoidance games seem to have a timeless appeal. If you are interested in creating one for Android, you can do so quickly using Classic Highway Car Avoidance Game, which is another easy-to-tweak game template developed by NeuronDigital.

The template includes several different sprites and design PSD files you can use to customize the looks of almost every element of your game. Should you want to embed ads, it offers the option of using AdMob.

It is also worth mentioning that this template can be used as a starting point for any game that depends on the accelerometer sensor.

Hopping bird game screenshot

Jumping over hurdles, collecting stuff, and leveling up are gameplay features that are very fun and engaging. Games that have these features are called platform games, or platformers. With Hopping Bird Game, a template developed by rouse_spirit, you can create your very own platformer without having to worry about implementing in-game physics or hit-testing.

The template is fully integrated with AdMob ads. It also has three level packs and 105 levels, allowing you to create large games that users can spend hours playing.

Note that if you are familiar with the Cocos2d game development framework, you’ll be able to easily make advanced customizations to this template.

2048 puzzle screenshot

If you want to create a sliding block puzzle game, 2048 Puzzle, yet another game template from NeuronDigital, is your best bet.

This template supports multiple screen sizes, allowing you to publish your game for both phones and tablets. It also contains code that uses Google Play Services to display interstitial and banner ads.

In my opinion, the best thing about this template is that customizing it doesn’t require any programming skills. You can simply modify the contents of a single configuration file to change most of the game details, including board dimensions, card contents, and menu labels.

Two dots screenshot

Developed by gikdew, Two Dots is a template for a rather unusual game that involves rotating two dots so that their colors match the colors of the balls that fall from either the top or bottom edge of the screen.


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